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  • Botond Palkó

    Botond Palkó

    Senior Product Designer at Cognizant Softvision. Carefully handcrafting experiences since we were called Web Designers.

  • Clara Shushunov

    Clara Shushunov

    UX Researcher at Modus Create

  • Alice Teodorescu

    Alice Teodorescu

    Creative writer. Social media specialist. Online researcher.

  • Boshra Javaheri

    Boshra Javaheri

    Designer and researcher passionate about people, their experiences, emotions, and interactions with AI. Get to know me better

  • Leonard Modoran

    Leonard Modoran

  • Melinda Klayman

    Melinda Klayman

    Opinionated since birth.

  • Florentina Sarov

    Florentina Sarov

    Passionate about inclusive & accessible design.

  • Adrian Storm

    Adrian Storm

    Experience Designer at heart. Senior UX at IBM. All opinions are my own.

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