5 reasons why you should start with Usability Testing

If you struggle selling the need for UX Research activities in your organization, I feel you, we’ve all did at some point. But what should we do, what method should (maybe usability testing?!) we start with and how do we get the buy-in from stakeholders to invest time in research?

From my experience, you need to show almost instant value from research activities if the design maturity in the organization is not great, because nobody will let you invest 2–3 months to do a comprehensive research study right from the start.

Usability Testing might be a good answer for you, and here is why:

Generate Insights in no time

No budget needed

Invite stakeholders to sessions

Prior experience is not needed

Remote is almost as good as in-person

Although Usability Studies can be incredibly insightful, you need to triangulate data with other research activities, so don’t let the momentum go, and get the buy-in from stakeholders for more research after you show them the value from usability studies.

Article originally published on: https://researchloop.net/2020/11/11/5-reasons-why-you-should-start-with-usability-testing/

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